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Neutronics Mini ID R22 Refrigerant Identifier 7-08-1000-63-0

Neutronics Mini ID R22 Refrigerant Identifier 7-08-1000-63-0

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Avoid damage to your air conditioning service equipment and contamination in your recovery cylinder by verifying the refrigerant purity with the Neutronics Mini ID before recovery. With the touch of a button, this easy-to-use refrigerant analyzer will verify the presence and quality of R22 refrigerant in HVAC/R air conditioning systems.

The Mini ID utilizes non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology to determine weight concentrations of R22 refrigerant, hydrocarbons, and air. During testing, it provides step-by-step tracking of the gas sampling process, and when complete will give a Pass/Fail result for R22 purity based on a 95% purity standard. The Mini ID will also indicate if an excess amount of air, which is a cause of poor cooling performance, is present in the system.


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Rugged molded rubber sleeve
  • Pass/Fail results
  • Simple, one button operation
  • Step-by-step process indication
  • UL and CE approvals


  • Mini ID base module
  • Sample hose with filter
  • Spare Filter